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Manage your marketing campaigns and send them by email


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These days every business needs a mass mailing client. Firms and list managers require a tool like this to maintain a consistent and direct relationship with their customers.

OkioMail is a powerful tool to manage your marketing campaigns. You'll be able to send out messages to an unlimited number of contacts thanks to its multiprocess feature that also lets you import lists in CSV format for your mass mails.

To avoid domain blocking, which may occur with a mass email, the program checks the message's spam rating. OkioMail also manages unsubscribe requests from users who wish to receive no further emails.

This client lets you customize the email subject and body text so that each one looks like a personalized message.

OkioMail doesn't require the importation of templates thanks to its HTML designer: you insert the files you want to attach, verify the email addresses, and add your Google Analytics tracking codes. OkioMail will then automatically analyze the emails before they're sent to prevent them from ending up in a spam folder.

An effective tool for people who are constantly sending mass mailing campaigns.

- The trial version is good for 15 days.
- You can send your first 50 emails with this version.